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Junior Database Engineer

- وظائف مهندسين برمجة, مصر

Company: Caelum Middle East
Location: Zamalek, Cairo,Egypt

Position: Junior Database Engineer
Job Code: (510) R&D: Junior Database Engineer
Experience required: 1 years


•Database engineer shall design and monitor complex databases.
•Make sure a database is operational, and providing valid and relevant data.
•Understands computer software and programming.
•Over seeing operations of existing database management systems, troubleshooting errors and creating a process plan for all members of the database development team.
•Responsible for working as part of a project team and working with different departments within an organization to develop an efficient database system.


•Deep knowledge of computer programming and data manipulation techniques
•Excellent knowledge of Database Performance Tuning
•Proficient with Database Backups, Recovery and Database replication.
•Support during Deployments
•Strong DBA skills / Oracle 11g Release 2
•Strong Analytic Skills
•Database engineering and architecture skills are required
•Ability to evaluate project needs and allocate resources
•Ability to document processes
•Has the ability to suggest and provide IT solutions to business and management problems.
•Creative approach to problem solving.
•He has the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
•An understanding of confidentiality and data protection issues.
•Ability to solve problems quickly and completely.
•Good communications skills.
•Team-working skills.
•Has the ability to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient.
•Any organizational skills.
•Have understanding of the current and future database management system releases.


•Design, develop and deliver / implement data solutions to include: architecture design, prototyping of concepts to proof of concept, development of standards, design and development of test plans, code and module design, development and testing, data solution debugging, design and implementation of a solution that follows efficient design techniques and development that meets and exceeds the intent of the design of the data solution.
•Effectively manage day-to-day tasks / activities in coordination with a team of developers to effectively meet the deliverable s and schedule of a data solution component within a larger application project.
•Lend support to various business and technology teams as necessary during design, development and delivery to ensure solid, salable, robust solutions.
•Support and maintain data and database systems to meet business delivery specifications and needs.
•Work as part of a project team and with different departments within an organization to develop an efficient database system.
•Overseeing the installation and testing of new products and software in the database
•Providing access levels to different users in each area of the database, troubleshooting errors and creating fixes, modifying existing databases as directed by management, developing standards and guidelines to protect the database from security hacks, implementing new products and ensuring all items are integrated successfully, and monitoring database performance.


•Graduated from the faculty of Computer Science Section or a related field.
•1-2 years’ experience in developing relational database software with one or more relational database products.
•Data modeling for physical as well as logical models is required
•Procedural language (PL/SQL) knowledge and experience is required
•Strong knowledge of Oracle – able to architect Oracle based solutions
•Knowledge of Resource Description Framework (RDF), SPARQL, Jena.
•Knowledge with Times Ten, or other in-memory database solutions.

Job Type: Full Time

طريقة التقديم:

Send CVS to hasnaa.sakr@caelum-me.com 

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  • Country: مصر

مجالات الوظائف: مصر. أنواع الوظائف: وظائف مهندسين برمجة. الوظائف المتعلقة بـ: Junior Database Engineer.

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