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mechanical engineering design

- وظائف مهندسين ميكانيكا, مصر

We are looking for a skilled smart person to perform mechanical engineering design tasks in 2D and 3D around the solarpanel mounting system that NASCI plans to sell to the market. The mechanical engineer is also working as a part of the engineering team that plans and performs solarprojects of industrial size in Egypt, MENA and Westafrica. The attention of the mechanical engineer in this team is focused on the customized layout of the mounting system for rooftop and groundmounted solar installations. This task includes to maintain material lists and the communication with suppliers or fabrication companies that work as subcontractors for NASCI. You report to the teamleader of the engineerging team, and in parts directly to the directors of the company

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مجالات الوظائف: مصر. أنواع الوظائف: وظائف مهندسين ميكانيكا. الوظائف المتعلقة بـ: mechanical engineering design.

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