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Oracle DBA

- وظائف مهندسين برمجة, مصر

Job title:
Oracle DBA administrator (EBS)


– Monitor, maintain and administrate Oracle Database, Oracle Applications( on UNIX, Linux and windows platforms) for the following Servers EBS ,Discoverer Application Server WebLogic
– Monitor, maintain and administrate Oracle UCM (Content management Server , Commit Server)
– Managing system, backup and recovery, and performance tunings

Years of experience :
– 3-6 years

Job type:
– full time


1. ORACLE EBS sever install and maintain
2. Applying Clone of database and application over Development and Test instances
3. Excellent use on SQL and PL/SQL
4. Provide technical support for Functional team, development team, outsource team and Helpdesk team.
5. Create and update service request on Oracle Meta-link by providing the requested diagnoses and applying the provided patches and fixes.
6. Administer cluster resources to ensure high availability to for Production servers (Passive active).
7. Administer and controlling storage to ensure free capacity for the data.
8. Operating system (Unix , linux and window)
9. Performing Oracle cold backups to ensure consistency of the data
10. Performs database re-organization as required to assist performance to ensure maximum uptime of the database.
11. Applying critical patches that need a downtime.
12. Following database standards and procedures to cover the instance parameters, object sizing, storage, and naming. The procedures define the process for install/upgrade, corporate database requirements, security, backup/recovery, applications environment, source code control, change control, naming conventions, and table/index creation.
13. Following Oracle service levels necessary for application availability
14. Following Oracle methodologies for software integration
15. Coordinating and executing database upgrades
16. Coordinating upgrades of system software products to resolve any Oracle/operating system issues/conflicts
17. Handling projects tasks to meet deadlines
18. Analyzing the database’s future storage requirements
19. Determining and setting the size data files
20. Contribute in analyzing new hardware and software.
21. Researching, testing, and recommending tools for Oracle development, modeling, database administration, and backup and recovery implementation, as well as planning for the future
22. Understanding and employing the optimal flexible architecture to ease administration, allow flexibility in managing I/O, and to increase the capability to scale the system
23. Perform stress testing of database and applications after creating of functional processes and procedures.

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  • Country: مصر

مجالات الوظائف: مصر. أنواع الوظائف: وظائف مهندسين برمجة. الوظائف المتعلقة بـ: Oracle Dba.

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